Expert Trademark Services

I was able to purchase the domain name, so it’s clear, right?

Wrong! Too often a new company will assume its name is legally clear merely because it was able to purchase a dot com or other Domain extended name. It is believed that if the dot com name was not legally available, they could not buy it.

While the exact name may be available to purchase as a Domain Name, this does not mean that the name is legally available. Only Comprehensive Research will tell you if the name is truly available, because conflicts and similarities may actually exist thereby affecting your legal use.

Comprehensive legal research starts with the researching of billions of name records to find those that may legally affect your intended commercial use. Direct conflicts or merely uses which are merely similar in Sound, Appearance or Meaning are fully analyzed by our expert staff.

TradeMark Express comprehensively examines the USPTO trademark (2 million marks) State trademark (1 million marks in 50 States) as well as Common-Law “first use” (13 million marks) in up to 6500 paid research databases. Related goods or services matter as well!

Many people mistakenly believe that the first step to take when starting an online business is securing the Domain Name. While securing the Domain Name is of utmost importance, the next step to take is to ensure that the name is legally available.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming no one else owns rights to your Domain Name – only comprehensive research will tell you! Let TradeMark Express help you. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Scattered Assets?

Free intellectual property audit, more the merrier.

Common trademarks include business names, slogans and logo designs. Older and larger companies accumulate valuable Intellectual Property assets without sometimes taking care to properly research, trademark, periodically protect and renew State or USPTO continued use applications. Over years of time some marks may be forgotten, deadlines missed to file incontestability of a given mark, infringer’s may be allowed to eat at your rights – ultimately resulting in Acquiescence, or giving up rights to an infringer, thereby losing your valuable trademark to them. Call us for a detailed, in depth, FREE review of your Intellectual Property – and FREE written report weighted towards your needs, constraints and future plans. We’ll determine a concise plan of action and explain why and when each step should be undertaken to conserve your marks and conserve your cash. The more marks you have, the greater discount you’ll be offered! Call us today!

Don’t lose your trademark!

If you have an existing Trademark or just Common Law rights merely by using your business name, slogan or logo over time – be aware that you will give rights to another business simply by doing nothing for 6 years. Acquiescence happens by doing nothing, and not enforcing your rights over a 6 year period. To prevent this disaster, we urge periodic comprehensive research every 2-3 years -or- our regular Federal and State trademark monitoring services, including a FREE Common Law search if you purchase three 6 month cycles = 18 months of trademark monitoring. We offer both. Call us to discuss!

Having a trademark will achieve added protection against other companies’ future names, slogans or logos that are conflicting or even merely similar in sound, appearance or meaning, as well as ownership rights as protected by the USPTO. Having a trademark makes it much easier to protect your intellectual property, when you can simply show your registered or pending USPTO trademark.

A trademark is like having a silent attorney actively protecting your intellectual property 24 hours a day!

USPTO Federal trademarks last 10 years, and are indefinitely renewable every 10 years. In the 5th year, after registration some work must be done at the USPTO. A Section 8 for your Declaration of Continued Use and your recommended Section 15 Incontestability forms are due to keep your Federal Trademark alive.

In Canada, CIPO trademarks last 15 years, before renewal is needed.

You still need to actively protect your intellectual property, because the USPTO or CIPO will not do that for you. We offer a monitoring service or we recommend that you should run your comprehensive research every 2 to 3 years to find infringing companies to your property.