What Does TradeMark Express Do?

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What Does TradeMark Express Do?

TradeMark Express will comprehensively research your name, slogan or logo, analyze the results, provide you with an attorney, if necessary, and prepare and submit your Federal USPTO trademark application for one low fee.

Trademark your business name, slogan or logo today. TradeMark Express will expertly accomplish your successful trademark in record time. We offer free consultation services, same-day, 3 step-by-step comprehensive legal research and next day State or Federal trademark application preparation services.

Big savings of time and $$. You will save up to 2 weeks of time faster than other comprehensive trademark companies for the same price, and save up to $1000 for truly comparable legal research services directly from trademark attorneys. Our common sense step-by-step approach has saved our clients millions of $ over the years. Let our 15 years of experience work for you – today.

What is a Trademark?

A “registered trademark”, or ®, refers to a name, slogan or logo that has been officially registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Each State also offers trademark protection from their respective Secretary of State.

Registering a trademark is greatly beneficial to any business because it publicly states that your trademark is registered with the USPTO, where people can find you and how to avoid using your intellectual property.

By registering a trademark you will gain exclusive rights to your name, slogan or logo AND a broader array of potentially similar uses – in sound, appearance and meaning within your industry, than if you merely use your intellectual property without a trademark, or otherwise known as having first use Common Law rights.

Prior to filing for a Federal trademark, comprehensive research of existing and pending State trademarks, USPTO Federal trademarks and Common Law uses and analysis of each is needed to ensure that you are not infringing upon another company’s trademark or Common Law rights.

The USPTO and every State all limit their research to their own databases. Your intellectual property may turn out to be clear from their own separate research. Also, the USPTO may take up to 6 months to do their research. State internal research varies widely – but this is far from what you need. You need to know if your proposed name, slogan or logo is legally clear today, before use, before filing, for a trademark. Only comprehensive and expeditious research will determine legal availability.

In the USA, there are 2 million Federal trademarks, 1 million State trademarks and 13 million Common Law uses. So, simply filing a Federal trademark, without comprehensive research means your name will never be researched against 14 million out of 16 million names, slogans and logos that exist before you start your business. You need to fully research your intellectual property BEFORE actual commercial use and filing at the USPTO.

There is a marketing advantage to having a trademark too! Businesses that show the Federal trademark ® symbol for their name, logo or slogan are widely considered to be more credible, established and professional. The ® symbol attracts more sales.

Scattered Assets?
Free intellectual property audit, more the merrier.

Common trademarks include business names, slogans and logo designs. Older and larger companies accumulate valuable Intellectual Property assets without sometimes taking care to properly research, trademark, periodically protect and renew State or USPTO continued use applications. Over years of time some marks may be forgotten, deadlines missed to file incontestability of a given mark, infringer’s may be allowed to eat at your rights – ultimately resulting in Acquiescence, or giving up rights to an infringer, thereby losing your valuable trademark to them. Call us for a detailed, in depth, FREE review of your Intellectual Property – and FREE written report weighted towards your needs, constraints and future plans. We’ll determine a concise plan of action and explain why and when each step should be undertaken to conserve your marks and conserve your cash. The more marks you have, the greater discount you’ll be offered! Call us today!

Don’t lose your trademark!

If you have an existing Trademark or just Common Law rights merely by using your business name, slogan or logo over time – be aware that you will give rights to another business simply by doing nothing for 6 years. Acquiescence happens by doing nothing, and not enforcing your rights over a 6 year period. To prevent this disaster, we urge periodic comprehensive research every 2-3 years -or- our regular Federal and State trademark monitoring services, including a FREE Common Law search if you purchase three 6 month cycles = 18 months of trademark monitoring. We offer both. Call us to discuss!

Having a trademark will achieve added protection against other companies’ future names, slogans or logos that are conflicting or even merely similar in sound, appearance or meaning, as well as ownership rights as protected by the USPTO. Having a trademark makes it much easier to protect your intellectual property, when you can simply show your registered or pending USPTO trademark.

A trademark is like having a silent attorney actively protecting your intellectual property 24 hours a day!

USPTO Federal trademarks last 10 years, and are indefinitely renewable every 10 years. In the 5th year, after registration some work must be done at the USPTO. A Section 8 for your Declaration of Continued Use and your recommended Section 15 Incontestability forms are due to keep your Federal Trademark alive.

In Canada, CIPO trademarks last 15 years, before renewal is needed.

You still need to actively protect your intellectual property, because the USPTO or CIPO will not do that for you. We offer a monitoring service or we recommend that you should run your comprehensive research every 2 to 3 years to find infringing companies to your property.

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