Multiple Name Discounts

Multiple Name Discounts

  • TradeMark Express® offers discounted prices for Premium Package orders if you have 3 or more names to be searched. Please call or email us for your written bid if you have 2 or more names to be searched.
  • If your search names have a common word, sometimes the names may be combined into the same search. Call or email us to see if you qualify for a common word discount.
  • If you are looking for just one name, it’s recommended to just search one name at a time rather than paying for multiple names.
  • Please call or email us for a free consultation for the best approach for you.

Competitive Checks

Once the research is complete, IF there are any similarities or conflicts, we recommend a competitive check. Though our research provides a fairly clear picture of the competing goods or services, trade area, customers and distribution channels, we recommend contacting the companies in order to fully understand the entire spectrum of their mark’s rights and its effect on your planned trade name usage.

We do not automatically conduct competitive checks. Usually clients prefer to do this themselves because they are familiar with their own goods or services as well as the proposed trade area. If you conduct your own competitive check, then approach it as a customer inquiry, not as a competitor who wants to use the same name!

A TradeMark Express® competitive check on any research conflicts or similarities is $100 per hour with a 15-minute minimum. This includes all expenses, including any additional online research.

USPTO File Wrapper Runs

At times, a conflict or similarity will arise from the Federal trademark research where it would be very informative to investigate the USPTO records further. This may be the case if a possible similarity is facing an opposition from a third mark. Or, a related mark may have been refused an application, but why? Since trademark files are public record but are not accessible on line through any data base information provider, or the USPTO itself, then a person needs to be sent directly to the USPTO to hand copy the file. This is called a File Wrapper Run.

TradeMark Express® has two persons working in our Washington DC office who visit the USPTO in Arlington, VA on short notice. Sometimes it’s no simple task because the needed file may not be easily located. It may take several days to set up an appointment. The file may be missing temporarily. Examining attorneys have priority. Files may take a few days to be refilled again, so that they can be accessed.

When completed, we will overnight your copies to you

  • TradeMark Express® has offered File Wrapper Runs since 1995
  • Please allow 3-7 days
  • Our fee is $100 Per File + 25 cents a page for copies (Plus $20 Fedex)

Trademark Monitoring

It is well established that trademark owners must police their trademarks against misuse by others or risk losing the exclusive right to those marks. When a competitor misuses a mark, the course of action is simple and straightforward: Write a cease-and-desist letter.

If the competitor does not terminate the offending use, file suit and force the end of the matter in court.

TradeMark Express® recommends redoing research every 2-3 years -OR- subscribing to an ongoing monitoring of your mark to protect against a competitor’s use. Practically speaking, it is far better to catch early use when it is easy for the infringing user to change its name. Monitoring is a minor expense compared to events that may spiral out of control.

Does TradeMark Express® offer monitoring services?
Yes, we offer the service of monitoring the US Federal & State trademark databases as well as the US National Common-Law databases. Following are the details and prices:

All prices for six-month scheduled service:

  • U.S. Federal & State trademark – 6 Month Plan – $200 – Monthly update, including trademark attorney :20 review. (Add $100 for Canada)
  • U.S. Federal & State trademark – 18 Month Plan – $600 – Monthly update, including trademark attorney :20 review, each time a similar or conflicting new trademark filing is found. Free Common Law research ($200 value) included done during the 18th month of monitoring, to close research gap.
  • Canada – We do not recommend monitoring services for Canada, unless you have a very competitive product or service in the marketplace. Protective research every 2-3 years is recommended instead of monitoring.

Trademark Attorney Included

Trademark Express Premium Package Details :

One of the more important aspects of TradeMark Express® services is the free referral to trademark attorneys. Attorneys can charge upwards of $250-$350 per hour and often hire search firms like TradeMark Express® to conduct their client’s needed comprehensive research.

Whenever TradeMark Express® finds a Conflict or Strong Similarity within either search, we refer our clients to one of the TradeMark Express® referred attorneys who will assist our clients, for up to :20 per report. Our West Coast trademark attorney will provide written summary reports for $35.

Other services that TradeMark Express®-referred attorneys offer :

  • References for TradeMark Express® – We do not solicit our clients to be references for us; our work is confidential. The attorneys with whom we have developed relationships are better judges of the broad spectrum of our work since we started business in 1992.
  • Domestic Representative for Overseas Clients.
  • Trademark Application Oppositions.
  • US Federal Trademark Application Responses and any other work that is beyond the limits of TradeMark Express®.
  • International trademark application preparations.
  • Network of Worldwide agents for trademark searches and common law searches.

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