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Our philosophy is to meet the needs of our clients. This includes expert consultations, comprehensive research and expert analysis of complex trade name searches. If a trademark attorney is needed, we provide a free referral. TradeMark Express follows through with preparing and filing trademark applications for the USPTO and Canada. We will also prepare applications for all 50 States. We strive to make the process as simple as possible for all our clients. Our goal is to carry our clients through their entire trade name clearance and trademarking process!

Started in 1992 in Los Altos, California, TradeMark Express now has a staff of 21, including 5 trademark attorneys. We have offices located in Los Altos, California and Washington, D.C..

TradeMark Express has conducted over 75,000 trademarks, including over 500,000 trade name searches since 1992! We work on the top fee-based information providers of LEXIS-NEXIS and Thompson & Thompson.

To research the availability of any given trade name, we often search thousands of databases to produce a comprehensive search.

Our skill in conducting thousands of legal searches is the main reason many trademark attorneys hire us to conduct their clients’ company, product, slogan and logo design searches.

TradeMark Express has always offered its clients more than a comprehensive trademark search. We pride ourselves in our free consultations, free analysis of our research reports and trademark application preparations. The main reason we do not charge as much as attorneys is because the bulk of our work is completed by our highly trained staff – not trademark attorneys. We pass this savings to you!

Urgent Trademark – 5 Hour Trademarking Services

Urgent Trademark offers the fastest comprehensive trademarking service anywhere – 5 hour trademarking service. Urgent Trademark is for the times your trademark needs to be filed today, if not yesterday. We will expedite the entire trademark process – without skipping any needed steps or cutting any corners – exponentially faster than any other trademark company. You will save 2 weeks compared to hiring a trademark attorney or 1 week if using a trademark search company. Double these estimated comparisons if any conflicting or similar names are found to exist, that need to be analyzed, competitively checked and reviewed with a trademark attorney. Additionally, with Urgent Trademark you can search up to 3 names/marks to get 1 that is legally clear. This is a huge benefit, when you need it. Fully the average name/mark faces a 30% chance of being legally blocked. Any practical time delay could make or break your eventual trademarking and ultimate business success. If your name, slogan or logo can be successfully trademarked – Urgent Trademark will accomplish all your needed trademarking tasks within a supersonic 5 hours. When we say 5 hours, we mean 5 hours, we know 5 hours – because we’ve done over 75,000 trademarks – just like yours. Please call us for a free consultation – anytime! Just $775.

You don’t have to accept the expensive risk of losing a desired trade name when filing with the Patent & Trademark Office, simply because the research company made you wait a few days or a week for your results. Please be aware that if multiple searches of backup trade names is needed to achieve a final trademarkable name, you will be waiting 2, 3, or even 4 weeks to complete your naming task, if the trademark attorney or research company takes a week to turn on each name. Why delay the introduction of your new product or the opening of your new business because the search company is slow? An available trade name today, may not be available a month from now. Intellectual property is perishable.

Let TradeMark Express show you how simple your necessary research can be!

True Deep Comprehensive Legal Research

TradeMark Express conducts expert Federal Trademark, State Trademark and Common Law Research (first use) on the leading online sources of LEXIS-NEXIS and/or Thompson & Thompson business suite of 6500 databases. Each area of potential similarity is thoroughly searched for trade name conflict and similarities – based on name similarity of sound, appearance and meaning. These online databases, with billions of references to search through, are updated daily. A typical trade name search may involve researching thousands of different compiled informational databases to find a potential problem.

Lower priced preliminary searches are often conducted on books or quarterly updated CD-ROMs or the USPTO web site and usually skip searching needed State Trademarks and/or Common Law (first use) altogether. Don’t accept the liability in order to save a few dollars. The reason preliminary legal research is significantly less expensive is because these companies are not spending the time and money to do a deep enough, comprehensive search. We know from the experience of conducting over 50,000 trademark searches that similarities are much more likely to affect a clients’ legal use, than conflicts which a preliminary search will uncover. Most strong similarities, in sound, appearance and meaning are found only when conducting a comprehensive search. Thus, TradeMark Express only conducts comprehensive searches for its clients because of its expertise.

We pay for the top business databases, so that our clients can DEPEND on our results to make their trade name decisions. To go – or not to go, with any given trade name has to be based upon the most thorough research available. TradeMark Express prides itself in offering our clients the most up-to-date information available since 1992.

Step-by-Step Research

Since 1992, TradeMark Express has been the only trademark company to conduct its client research in two comprehensive research steps.

Since 2008, we now offer another chance to save $$. We will conduct a free preliminary USPTO search of your proposed new name.

TradeMark Express Premium Package Details :

We now offer a free preliminary USPTO search of your proposed name before we delve into your comprehensive trademark search. IF clear, we will proceed with your comprehensive State and Federal trademark search. IF a conflicting name is found at this step, we will refer you to one of our three trademark attorneys, in your time zone, to discuss this finding. IF truly legally blocked we will Rollover 100% of your remaining initial Premium Package fee of $500. This is a great service, because at this point we will have spent :30 to :40, including trademark attorney time and you’ll still have funds to Rollover to another mark.

Premium Package fee to another name. (Step A is not offered in our Start Up Package or Value Package.)

TradeMark Express will search the pending AND registered Federal AND State trademark files in accordance with the USPTO’s policy, namely looking for conflicts and similarities in Sound, Appearance or Meaning. This involves searching synonyms, spelling variations, word placement, etc.

  • US Federal & State trademark analysis : TradeMark Express will analyze the research results, thereby saving you $300 in trademark attorney analysis time. If there are Conflicts or Similarities found, we put a HOLD on the rest of the research until you’ve had a chance to speak to our referred trademark attorney.
    • Not Using Name – If after speaking with the attorney, you decide not to pursue the name, a Rollover of your remaining balance begins. Our comprehensive research & application package is non refundable but any remaining funds may be applied towards another name at any time.
    • Going Ahead with the Name – If there are NO Conflicts or Similarities OR if after speaking with the attorney you decide to pursue the name, the next step is the US National Common-Law.

TradeMark Express will search for commercial availability of the mark in numerous files. Businesses have “first use” or Common-Law rights to their trade names in whatever geographic trade area they serve. The US National Common-Law research will help you to determine if you face any trade restrictions.

  • US National Common-Law Analysis : TradeMark Express will analyze the research results for free. If there are Conflicts or Similarities found, we put a hold on the rest of the research until you’ve had a chance to speak to the referred trademark attorney.
    • Not Using Name – If after speaking with the attorney, you decide not to pursue the name, a rollover of your remaining balance begins. Our comprehensive research & application package is non refundable but any remaining funds may be applied towards another name at any time.
    • Going Ahead with the Name – If there are no conflicts or similarities or if after speaking with the attorney you decide to pursue the name, the next step is the US federal trademark application preparation & filing.

Low Cost Legal Research Analysis

TradeMark Express Premium Package Details :

Analysis by experienced TradeMark Express research specialists will save you time and money in finding a legally clear name. Our free analysis benefit alone may save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary search fees and trademark attorney time.

It is not recommended to interpret your own complex search results. Comprehensive search companies will produce 300 to 500 pages of research for one trade name. Trade name similarities in sound, appearance and meaning may affect legal use. If an infringed trade name holder does exist, then they have up to six years to enforce their trademark rights against you!

TradeMark Express analysis benefits our clients in two ways :

  • It allows us to break the traditional Federal and State Trademark and Common Law Research (first use) searches for a Step-By-Step approach.
  • you will not need to take your research to an attorney for review.

Exact conflicts are simple to find. Less expensive preliminary searches are good at finding conflicts. Strong similarities however, based on similarity of sound, appearance and meaning are much more difficult to uncover. Strong similarities are very easy to either over react or under react to. The predominance of our client’s trade name searches are legally blocked at the strong similarity level, not by conflicts.

Research experts at TradeMark Express are trained to conduct and analyze each search. Low Cost analysis is the main reason you should use TradeMark Express for all of your comprehensive research needs. The Research Analysis is not included as a feature of our Valuate Package.

Trademark Attorney Included

TradeMark Express Premium Package Details :

TradeMark Express offers free attorney referrals for its clients in the case of a Federal or State Trademark or Common Law (first use) research similarity.We have trademark attorney referrals who are located in San Francisco, Chicago & Washington DC. Our trademark attorneys will discuss research similarities or conflicting results at no additional charge (West Coast attorney has a 20 minute time limit). This should be enough time to discuss your findings. If you should need more time, you may be charged their hourly rates as discussed with you at the outset of your phone call.

Needless to say, this benefit alone is worth more than what TradeMark Express charges for its research of your trade name. Trademark attorney fees may run from $300 to $400 an hour. If your research results require judgment of an experienced trademark attorney, then the TradeMark Express referred trademark attorneys will help you make the best decision. This is a vital part of our service.

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