12 Reasons to Avoid Trademark Attorneys!

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There really is no better company to accomplish your trademarks with, than us! That’s what 25 years in business, 75,000 trademarks and many clients who have offered testimonials imply! Please see : Testimonials

In the case where you are thinking of using a trademark attorney, we compiled 12 reasons why TradeMark Express is a WAY BETTER choice! We want you to be aware of all the advantages we offer when you want to use and trademark your new names.

  • We have 5 trademark attorneys, whose time is FREE to you, with >150 combined years experience.
  • Our entire staff offers free expert consultations. So you always can get immediate help.
  • Super fast 2-4 day comprehensive legal research. (Almost all attorneys outsource the needed comprehensive research portion of the job, taking an extra 7-10 days.)
  • True comprehensive research. (Not just a preliminary search. Not just a USPTO search. IF you hear from another trademark company or attorney that their research will take a short time, like a day, then ask: Is it COMPREHENSIVE? Ask: Are your reports 300-500 pages? Ask: is your firm paying for access into 1000’s of business databases to MAKE SURE may mark is LEGALLY CLEAR?)
  • Step-by-Step comprehensive research. 3 steps. We have been the ONLY trademark company, since 1992, when we first opened to offer Step-by-Step comprehensive research. You don’t pay for research you don’t need.
  • Inexpensive analysis. (We figure our time at $50/hr, not $350/hour trademark attorneys charge.)
  • Inexpensive trademark application. ($100 with our Premium Package vs $500 for attorneys.)
  • 1-3 days to complete trademark application and submit to the USPTO. (.vs 1 week for most trademark attorneys,)
  • Our overall cost for our Premium Package is only $500. (.vs $1000 to $2000 for a trademark attorney, who do like comprehensive research work. Save an average of $1000.)
  • Overall 2-4 day service from TradeMark Express. (.vs 2 weeks for most trademark attorneys.)
  • 25 years of experience with over 75,000 trademarks. (.vs most trademark attorneys handling just 20 to 50 trademarks a year.)
  • IF your proposed name is found to be legally unavailable, an attorney’s cost is going to spiral, while our Step-by-Step approach and fast same day research service times keeps a lid on costs – spending as you go – and time to accomplish your trademark.

PS: About Us!

TradeMark Express is your experienced expert legal trade name search source. We have conducted over 500,000 searches over the past 25 years. We work on the top paid information providers of Lexis-Nexis and Thomson & Thomson. To research the availability of any given trade name, we search over 6500 paid databases to produce a comprehensive search, vs. less expensive, preliminary trade name searches.

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