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Call us for a free expert IP consultation about your specific trademark situation. We’ll determine exactly what you need, when you need it and all your options – before you hire us!

Save $1000 from using a Trademark Attorney

The trademark process takes 6-8 hours per mark, per country + database costs. We will save you a lot of $ from attorneys doing all the work, and spare you from disaster from the 1/2 price TM companies who are just going to file your trademark with hardly any research. Not what the USPTO recommends!

3 Step Expert Comprehensive Research

Since 1992, we are the ONLY trademark company to offer Step-By-Step comprehensive research – thereby economizing your research fee. Your mark needs to be legally clear at each step, before we proceed to the next step.

5 Hour Urgent Trademark Upgrade

Urgent Trademark is for the times your trademark needs to be filed today, if not yesterday. We will expedite the entire trademark process – without skipping any needed steps or cutting any corners – exponentially faster than any other trademark company. USE LINK:

Expert Research Analysis & Filings

With 5 super-experienced trademark attorneys, we offer expert comprehensive research analysis of Trademark and Common Law research. Worldwide trademark filings.

Free Trademark Audit

Call us for a detailed, in depth, FREE review of your Intellectual Property – and FREE written report weighted towards your needs, constraints and future plans. We’ll determine a concise plan of action and explain why and when each step should be undertaken to conserve your marks and conserve your cash.

Protect Your Business Identity

What Does TradeMark Express Do?

TradeMark Express will comprehensively research your name, slogan or logo, analyze the results, provide you with an attorney, if necessary, and prepare and submit your Federal USPTO trademark application for one low fee.

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What is a TradeMark?

A “registered trademark”, or ®, refers to a name, slogan or logo that has been officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO. Each State also offers trademark protection from their Secretaries of State offices.

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Competitive Checks

Once the research is complete, if there are any similarities or conflicts, we recommend a competitive check.

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Expert Trademark Legal Research and Application Services

  • 75,000 Trademarks Experience
  • Step-by-Step Comprehensive Expert Research Names
  • Slogans
  • Logos
  • 5 Trademark Attorneys

Consider This Too!

Descriptive Trademarks

Descriptive Trademarks The title here is a bit misleading as descriptive words are not typically allowed to be registered on the USPTO's trademark Principal Register. Let's back up a little... One of the main points (some would argue THE main point) of having a Federal trademark is to have exclusive rights to a name, a...

Trademark International Classes

Trademark International Class - Classes 32 & 33 - Light Beverages - Wines and Spirits All goods or services are categorized within International Classes (IC hereafter). Goods run from classes IC 1-34, while Services are in IC 35-45. Let's take a closer look at a group of these trademark classes - classes 32 & 33....

Arbitrary Trademarks

Arbitrary Trademarks The strength of a particular trademark is gauged according to the Distinctiveness & Descriptiveness Continuum. Arbitrary marks are not as strong as fanciful marks but they are still strong in terms of trademarks. Choosing an arbitrary mark certainly makes the trademark filing process easier, provided, of course, that the mark is legally available….

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